Diesel Forklift (5-7T Forklift Truck, H Series)

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Specifications of Diesel Forklift
Features Power type Diesel
Rated load(kg) 5000 6000 7000
Load center distance(mm) 600
Lift height(mm) 3000
Free lift height(mm) 160 160 170
Fork size L×W×T(mm) 1220×150×60 1220×150×60 1220×150×70
Mast tilt angle Front/Rear 6°/12°
Minimum turning radius(mm) 3300 3300 3370
Minimum right angle stacking aisle width(mm) 5220 5220 5300
Minimum right angle aisle width(mm) 2960 2960 3100
Minimum ground clearance Frame center(no load)(mm) 220
Mast Bottom(no load)(mm) 205
Height of overhead guard(mm) 2500
Overhang (FR)(mm) 620 620 630
Maximum travel speed
Full load(km/h) 24
No load(km/h) 25 25 25

Maximum lift speed
Full load(mm/s) 460
No load(mm/s) 500 500 495
Maximum drawbar pull Full load(KN) 53
Maximum gradeability(%) 30 28 22
Dimensions Overall length Without forks(mm) 3470 3470 3590
Overall width(mm) 1995
Mast height at maximum lift (with backrest)(mm) 4415
Mast lowered height(mm) 2510
Chassis Tires Front wheel 8.25-15-14PR
Rear wheel 8.25-15-14PR
Wheelbase(mm) 2250
Tread Front wheel/rear wheel(mm) 1470/1700
Self weight Without load(Kg) 8160 8640 9460
Drive Battery Voltage/capacity(V/Ah) 24/160
Engine Model CA4DF3
Rated output(kw/r.p.m) 85/2200
Rated torque(Nm/r.p.m) 460/1400-1500
Bore x stroke(mm) 110×125
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement(L) 4.75
Fuel tank capacity(L) 110
Transmissions (FWD/RWD) 2/2
manual shift
Operating pressure(Mpa) 19.5
Supplement Tire type (FR/RR) Pneumatic
Number of wheels (FR/RR)(pcs) 4/2
Lowering speed (full load)(mm/s) 460 510 510
Lowering speed (no load)(mm/s) 370 350 350
Axle load distribution (full load) (FR/RR)(kg) 11840/1320 13180/1460 14800/1640
Axle load distribution (no load) (FR/RR)(kg) 3260/4890 3450/5180 3780/5670

Note: JAC reserves the right to change these specifications and parameters at any time without prior notice.

Related Information
Brand: JAC
Target Market: Global market
Certificate: CE/SGS/ISO 9001/ISO 14001/SGS
Production Capacity: 20,000 sets per year


1. The hydraulic drive system of H series diesel forklift provides stable and efficient driving effect.

2. The hyperbolic design for the main reducer of drive axle helps realize smooth meshing. Apart from the low noise, this design extends the lifespan of the drive axle, as well.

3. Eco-friendly, the hood of the 5-7T forklift truck is installed with built-in heat-insulated and sound absorbing material. The gap is filled with rubber to absorb vibration and reduce noise during operation.

4. Our diesel forklift is meticulously designed according to ergonomics, which effectively enlarges the working space and minimizes the fatigue of the operator.

5. Thanks to the drum brake, the sensitive braking effect of the heavy-duty forklift truck makes this product particularly safe and reliable for use.

6. The natural and simple design of the balance weight eliminates the influence on the appearance caused by deformation of the side hood.

7. The storage battery box can be opened from its side for outstanding waterproofness and maintainability.

8. Diaphragm type clutch pressure plate and the patented shift fork enable convenient operation of the clutch.

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