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  • 4-10T Diesel ForkliftA forklift truck, sometimes known as a lift truck, is a powered industrial truck designed to lift and transport materials. The modern forklift was developed in the 1920s, and it has since become an indispensable piece of material handling equipment in manufacturing and warehouse industries.
  • Forklift Truck (S)At JAC, we also produce S series forklift trucks, in addition to J series forklift trucks. Our forklifts of S series primarily include 1-10T diesel forklift, electric forklift, gasoline or LPG forklift. These products are designed to improve productivity and reduce man hours in your place of business.
  • 1-3.5T Diesel Forklift (J)Thanks for your interest in our J series 1-3.5T diesel forklifts! These diesel forklifts are widely used for lifting and transporting materials, with load capacities ranging from 1 ton to 3.5 tons. Because our forklifts are equipped with JAC, Isuzu or Kubota diesel engine, their power, efficiency and reliability are highly guaranteed.
  • 4-10T Diesel Forklift (J)The products shown above are some models of our J series 4-10T diesel forklifts. These forklift trucks adopt ISUZU or Kubota diesel engine, with load capacities ranging from 4 tons to 10 tons.
  • 1-3.5T Diesel Forklift (S)This product page shows some information on our S series diesel forklifts. These forklift trucks all use diesel engine, which is solidly constructed and generates high power at low speeds. Because their load capacity ranges from 1 ton to 3.5 tons and their minimum turning radius is from 1880mm to 2490mm, our diesel forklifts can be used to lift and transport materials in many situations.
  • 4-10T Diesel Forklift (S)Our 4-10T diesel forklifts, apparently, are forklift trucks which use diesel engine as their power unit, with load capacity ranging from 4 tons to 10 tons. Besides, their maximum lift height reaches 3000mm.
  • Gasoline, LPG Forklift (J)The products shown above are types of JAC gasoline, LPG forklift we provide. Some of these forklift trucks use gasoline or LPG engine as their power unit, while others use LPG engine only.
  • Gasoline, LPG Forklift (S)Gasoline, LPG forklift is a good alternative to the diesel forklift, which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. It is not only powerful, but also provides low emissions and good fuel economy.
  • AC Electric ForkliftAs shown above, we at JAC provide several types of AC electric forklifts. All these products are AC powered. Apart from this, they also have other things in common, typically, their lift height is 3000mm.
  • DC Electric ForkliftAs shown above, there are several types of DC electric forklifts we provide for global customers. These forklift trucks all use electric DC power unit, and their maximum lift height is 3000mm.
  • Three Wheel Electric ForkliftThank you for visiting our website! As an experienced electric forklift manufacturer in China, we offer customers several types of three wheel electric forklifts with load capacities ranging from 1.6T to 2T.
  • Crawler ExcavatorAccording to different transmission modes, the excavator can be divided into hydraulic excavator and mechanical excavator. Excavators are primarily used as construction equipment or mining equipment.
  • 1.5T Electric StackerAn electric stacker is a tool designed for loading, unloading, carrying and stacking of material. It is an indispensable piece of material handling equipment for used for intensive stacking and transporting in minimum cycle times.
  • 2T Electric Pallet TruckAn electric pallet truck, sometimes called a powered pallet jack, is a tool frequently used to lift and movestacked pallets in warehouses, manufacturing plants, etc.