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Reach Truck

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Specifications of the Reach Truck
Model Number: CQD10M/15M
Rated Capacity: 1000/1500kg
Mast: Basic 2-Stage Mast (3m)
Mast optional: Triplex (3.5m-7m)
Side Shift (optional): Integral side shift/Cascade side shift

Related Information
Brand: JAC
Market: Global Market
Certificate: CE / SGS / ISO9001 / ISO14001
Production capacity: 20000 units/year

Features of the Reach Truck
Safety and Productivity

1. The reach forklift truck is designed with advanced AC control system which eliminates the demand for replacement of motor brushes, and also comes an intelligent regenerative brake system.
2. It offers 4-level adjustable driving speed from 3km to 10km.
3. Due to the EPS (electric power steering) system, the reach truck features easy, flexible and much safer steering operation.
4. Via the joystick supporting finger-tip control, the warehouse equipment supports adjustment of driving speed, lifting and lowering speed, as well as opening and closing of the stabilizer.
5. Stabilizers (at certain lifting height), which can work manually or automatically, are available to enhance stability and safety of the electric reach truck when stacking cargo.
6. The electric forklift truck supports handling of two pallets at the same time when the forks are lifted up.
7. Built-in pressure relief valve protects the reach truck from overloading.
8. Multi-function display: battery state, working hours, fault status, driving speed (4 levels), angel indicator of rear steering wheel, etc.
9. Low positioned battery ensures lower center of gravity and better stability. Battery capacity up to 400Ah.
10. The roll-out system makes side battery replacement very convenient.
11. Damping cushion is designed for low-noise operation.
12. The electric reach truck supports automatic power disconnecting under emergency conditions.

Structural Advantages of the Reach Truck
1. Although with compact structure design, the reach truck supports heavy duty operations.
2. Lower center of gravity ensures stability.
3. Wide view masts provide operators with clear visibility.
4. Masts are detachable from the truck frame, and comes with good interchangeability.
5. Low step height and sensitive dead-man's pedal ensure comfortable and safe operation.
6. Narrower overhead guard towards front ensures less possibility to get “hooked” into something.
7. Supporting 360 degree steering, the electric reach truck offers smallest turning radius of 1,800mm.
8. Adjustable steering wheel and arm support largely improve the comfortableness of operators.
9. Drive wheel and balanced wheel are combined together to ensure stability.

Service Ability
1. The electric reach truck is configured with low voltage protection system to prolong the battery life.
2. Due to CAN bus technology, the material handling equipment features reduced wiring complexity, increased reliability and is service friendly.
3. Improved battery plug system enables the battery to be connected or disconnected more easily for charging.

Technical Parameters of the Electric Reach Truck
Model CQD15
Power type Battery
Drive type Stand-on
Load capacity kg 1500
Weight with battery kg 2740

Tyre quantity 1×+2/2
Front tyre (PU) mm Φ254×114
Rear tyre (Rubber) mm Φ305×145×180
Balance tyre(PU) mm Φ178×73
Tread Front tread mm 999
Rear tread mm 618
Inner width of fork-arms mm 771
Length mm 2450
Width mm 1114
Height mm 2285
Reach distance mm 530
Minimum ground clearance mm 100
Wheelbase center ground clearance mm 73
Minimum Aisle Width(Pallet 1100*1100) mm 2835
Load center distance mm 500
Front overhang mm 318
Wheelbase mm 1335
Minimum turning radius mm 1632
Maximum travel speed (full load/no load) km/h 10/10
Maximum lift speed(full load/no load) mm/s 320/480
Maximum lowering speed(full load/no load) mm/s 420/400
Reach speed(full load/no load) mm/s 120/150
Maximum gradeability(full load/no load) mm/s 10/10
Service brake Mechanical
Steering type Hydraulic
Driving motor power kW 4.5
Lifting motor power kW 8.6
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 48/400
Battery weight kg 670
Battery size(L x W x H) mm 820×405×675
Way of motor control AC/AC
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