Gasoline LPG Forklift (2-2.5T Forklift Truck, H Series)

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Specifications of Gasoline LPG Forklift
Rated Load Capacity 2000kg, 2500kg
Engine Engine from Nissan, and other Chinese supplier
Gearbox Hydraulic/automatic (TCM technology)
Standard Mast 2-stage mast (3m)
Container Mast (Optional) 2-stage or 3-stage full free mast (3m-6m)
Tyre Pneumatic tyre (Standard), solid tyre (Optional)
Side Shifter (Optional) Integrated type side shifter, CASCADE side shifter

Related Information
Brand: JAC
Target Market: Global market
Certificate: CE/SGS/ISO 9001/ISO 14001/SGS
Production Capacity: 20,000 sets per year

Selling Point

1. The H series Gasoline LPG Forklift comes with the load capacity from 2 tons to 2.5 tons. It is equipped with first class drive system and high quality gearbox.

2. For optimal heat dissipation effect, we particularly manufacture the heavy-duty lift truck with aluminium radiator.

3. The air intake system of the Gasoline LPG Forklift is installed at high level to prevent the dust from entering the engine, so the lifespan of the engine is extended, accordingly.

4. Thanks to the adjustable seat and steering wheel, the working space can be enlarged. The comfortable environment brings worker a good mood.

5. Wide field of view

6. Streamlined design for the balance weight of the industrial forklift truck makes for attractive and unique appearance of our product.

7. Big opening angle of the hood makes the maintenance of the fork truck easier.

Technical Parameters
Model Unit CPQD20H CPQD25H
Load Capacity Kg 2000 2500
Load Center mm 500 500
Mast Lifting height mm 3000 3000
Mast Free Lift mm 160 160
Mast Lifting Speed (With Load) mm/s 550 550
Mast Tilting Angle (Front/Rear ) 6°/ 12° 6°/ 12°
Driving Speed km/h 19.5 19.5
Turning Radius mm 2170 2245
Ground Clearance mm 115 115
External Dimension Length to face of forks mm 2845 2560
Overall width mm 1160 1160
Height of overhead guard (cabin) mm 2070 2070
Height of mast, extended mm 4030 4030
Wheelbase mm 1600 1600
Tread Front mm 970 970
Rear mm 970 970
Overhang (front) mm 465 465
Fork mm 1070 1070
Service Weight kg 3520 3740
Engine Model Chinese engine NISSAN K21 NISSAN K25
Rated Output KW 41 31.2 37.4
Rated power speed rpm 2800 2250 2300

Related Names
2-2.5T Forklift Truck︱Warehouse Equipment

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