Diesel Forklift (2-3.8T Forklift Truck, H3 Series)

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Specifications of Diesel Forklift
Model CPC25 CPC35 CPC38
Features Rated load kg 2500 3500 3800
Load center distance mm 500 500 500
Lift height mm 3000 3000 3000
Fork size L×W×T mm 1070x122x40 1070×125×50 1070×125×50
Mast tilt angle FR/RR 8/10 8/10 8/10
Minimum turning radius mm 2380 2570 2850
Performance Maximum travel speed No load/ Full load km/h 18/17 20/19 20/19
Maximum lift speed No load/ Full load mm/s 600/560 450/430 440/410
Maximum drawbar pull Full load KN 16 28 28
Maximum gradeability % 15 15 15
Dimensions Overall length Without forks mm 2630 2810 2950
Overall width mm 1160 1220 1220
Mast lowered height mm 1995 2075 2075
Chassis Tires Front wheel mm 7.00-12-12PR 28×9-15-14PR 28×9-15-14PR
Rear wheel mm 6.00-9-10PR 6.50-10-10PR 6.50-10-10PR
Wheelbase mm 1665 1760 1900
Self weight Without load kg 3680 4500 4730


1. Power Upgrade
power upgrade for diesel forklift

Equipped with Bosch high-pressure common rail National IV engine, the torque is increased by 10% to 190N.m compared to National III, and the noise is reduced by 2dB.

2. Comfort Enhancement

The air inlet is equipped with sound-absorbing design, reducing the overall vehicle noise by 2dB.

New type of steering column locking mechanism helps to reduce the steering wheel adjustment force by 3 times, making it easier to operate.

Standard seats wrapping is enhanced, and driving more comfortable

3. Reliability Enhancement

Front-leaning design of the engine hood by 3 degrees to prevent seat water from causing rust on the engine hood. The front tilt angle 3degree design of hood can prevent the seat area from rusting the machine cover.

A rear mudguard is added to prevent mud and water from splashing into the engine compartment.

The empty space at the rear of the fuel tank is filled to increase the frame strength and prevent rusting caused by mud and water accumulation.

4. Practical Enhancement

The fuel tank capacity is increased by 10%, the ground clearance of the chassis is increased by 20mm, thus extending operating hours and enhancing maneuverability.

The toolbox includes a dedicated compartment for storing phones, which is convenient and practical.

The fuel inlet is directly connected to the tank to prevent the refueling nozzle kickback.

Reserved license plate mounting bracket ensures convenient registration.

5. Security upgrade

Optimization of the weld seam at the tank pedal reduces the number of weld joints and minimizes the risk of oil leakage.

Manual brake with self-locking function helps in preventing the risk of slope sliding caused by accidental reset.

The double-lip seal design of the fuel tank cover reduces the risk of leakage.

Optimization of the explosion-proof valve in the lifting system reduces the risk of safety incidents caused by burst pipes and the sudden descent of the fork frame.

6. Performance upgrade
  • Comprehensive performance improvement:
    Optimization of the whole axle load improves the lifespan of both the axle and tires, while reducing fuel consumption.
    The lightweight design of the vehicle, combined with a lower center of gravity and extended wheelbase, enhances the stability for high-level stacking.
  • Heat dissipation performance improvement :
    By using a high-positioned engine, the effective frontal area of the radiator is increased by 10%.
    The optimized design of the cooling passage helps to alleviate the phenomenon of hot air recirculation.
  • Load performance improvement:
    Load performance improvement By optimizing the axle load distribution, stability is enhanced, leading to superior load performance.
    The 3.8T standard three-stage wide-view mast features thickened oil cylinders and 7 chains, ensuring high structural strength.
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