Electric Forklift(4-6T Four Wheel Forklift, S Series)

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CPD45S/CPD50S/CPD60S electric forklifts have the advantages of short braking time and low energy consumption. They are equipped with wet-type multi-disk brake which is very durable and provides excellent braking effect. These electric forklifts use integral drive design that their gearbox oil can lubricate gears to reduce the maintain cost. These electric forklifts use lithium battery as power source. In addition, they have power regeneration function to prolong the service time that it recovers the electric quantity of battery when the electric forklift is braking, slowing down or steering.

Technical Parameters of Electric Forklift
Model CPD45S CPD50S CPD60S
Features Power type Battery
Rated load(kg) 4500 5000 6000
Load center distance(mm) 500 500 600
Lift height(mm) 3000
Free lift height(mm) 120 120 150
Fork size L×W×T(mm) 1070×150×50 1220×150×60
Mast tilt angle Front/Rear 6°/9°
Minimum turning radius(mm) 2704 2704 2780
Minimum right angle stacking aisle width(mm) 4300 4300 4350
Minimum right angle aisle width(mm) 2904 2904 2980
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 145
Height of overhead guard(mm) 2285
Height form seat to overhead guard(mm) 1020
Overhang (FR)(mm) 578 578 586
Maximum travel speed
Full load(km/h) 13
No load(km/h) 14

Maximum lift speed
Full load(mm/s) 280 280 265
No load(mm/s) 400 400 380

Maximum lowering speed
Full load(mm/s) 380 400 430
No load(mm/s) 350 350 360
Maximum gradeability(%) 15 15 12
Dimensions Overall length Without forks(mm) 3046 3046 3134
Overall width(mm) 1520

Mast height at maximum lift (with backrest)(mm)
4270 4270 4280
Mast lowered height(mm) 2245
Power Tires Front wheel 28×12.5-15
Rear wheel 7.00-12
Wheelbase(mm) 2000
Tread Front wheel/rear wheel(mm) 1200/1130
Self weight Without load(kg) 7400 7800 8950
Battery Voltage/capacity(V/Ah) 80/700 80/720 80/720
Motor Traveling(KW) 11×2
Lifting(KW) 12×2
Way of control AC
Operating pressure(Mpa) 18.5
Maximum drawbar pull(KN) 40

Note: JAC reserves the right to change these specifications and parameters at any time without prior notice.

Selling Points

1. The integrated drive axle and gearbox structure ensures high transmission efficiency and low noise.

2. Wet-type multi-disk brake is very durable and provides excellent braking effect.

Electric Forklift(4-6T Four Wheel Forklift, S Series)

3. This electric forklifts uses lithium battery as power source. The power regeneration function prolongs its working time which enables recovery of electric quantity when the electric forklift is braking, slowing down or steering.

4. The meter real-time displays steering angle to let the driver know the tire direction. When its speed is more than 5km/h and steering angle is over the set value, the electric forklift will automatically limit the speed to ensure the safety.

5. Hydraulic system uses 24° cone O-ring seal which provides reliable sealing and avoids leakage.

6. Its door frame system has buffer function to ensure safe and stable operation which reduces the shock when the goods are lowering the altitude.

7. The suspension OPS seat with free back and forth movement and adjustable backrest angle provides a comfortable and stable working environment for the driver.

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