Electric Forklift (3-3.5T Four Wheel Forklift, J Series)

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Specifications of Electric Forklift
Model CPD30J CPD35J
Features Power type Battery
Rated load() 3000 3500
Load center distance(mm) 500
Lift height(mm) 3000
Free lift height(mm) 160 70
Fork size L×W×T(mm) 1070×125×45 1070×125×50
Mast tilt angle Front/Rear 8°/10°
Minimum turning radius(mm) 2497 2520
Minimum right angle stacking aisle width(mm) 4181 4204
Minimum right angle aisle width(mm) 2609 2720
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 120
Height of overhead guard(mm) 2180
Height form seat to overhead guard(mm) 980
Overhang (FR)(mm) 474 492
Maximum travel speed
Full load(km/h) 12
No load(km/h) 13

Maximum lift speed
Full load(mm/s) 240 260 200 240
No load(mm/s) 400 380

Maximum lowering speed
Full load(mm/s) 400 350
No load(mm/s) 460 400
Maximum gradeability(%) 15 15 10 10
Dimensions Overall length Without forks(mm) 2609 2627
Overall width(mm) 1250

Mast height at maximum lift (with backrest)(mm)
Mast lowered height(mm) 2065 2120
Power Tires Front wheel 28×9-15-14PR 28×9-15
Rear wheel 6.50-10-10PR
Wheelbase(mm) 1700
Tread Front wheel/rear wheel(mm) 1000/990
Self weight Without load(kg) 4960 5400
Battery Voltage/capacity(V/Ah) 80/500
Motor Traveling(KW) 16.6
Lifting(KW) 13 13.5 13 13.5
Way of control BC AC BC AC
Operating pressure(Mpa) 18.5
Maximum drawbar pull(KN) 21

Related Information
HS Code: 8427109000
Brand: JAC
Target Market: Global market
Certificate: CE/SGS/ISO 9001/ISO 14001/SGS
Production Capacity: 20,000 sets per year


1. Neutral gear safety system- Prevent the accidents that caused by accidential starting.

2. The combined type taillight makes this 3-3.5T four wheel forklift attractive and noticeable.

3. The imported CURTIS controller is installed with our patented technology to achieve outstanding heat dissipation effect.

4. Our heavy-duty electric lift truck is engineered with transverse gearbox. Apart from the improvement in the transmission efficiency, the special design helps enhance the single operating time of the battery.

5. Fan-shaped plate-type drive axle of the electric forklift can rotate at 360° angle. So the maintenance of the motor and the gearbox is quite convenient. This technology has been granted national patent.

6. Since the foot brake pedal is slightly higher than the CURTIS accelerator, this industrial electric forklift offers high comfort during operation.

7. REMA power supply connector assembly for convenient connection of power supply.

8. The lift truck comes with CURTIS LCD instrument panel with good resistance to water and vibration. The important information can be displayed on the screen completely, enabling the user to understand the working conditions of the product.

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