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Performance Parameter
Model CVX16
Engine Model   Yanmar 3TNV70
Engine Power kw 11kw/2200rpm
Bucket Capacity 2 Variable Displacement Pumps+Gear Pump+Pilot Pump
Pressure MPa 21,18.6,3
Electrical System V 12
Bucket Digging Force kN 12.8
Swing Speed rpm 9.1
High Speed km/h 4.2
Low Speed km/h 2.3
Grade Ability ° 30
Fuel Tank Capacity L 16.7
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity L 18.7
Dipper Digging Force kN 8.7

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

An excavator is an engineering vehicle that consists of a boom, bucket and cab on a rotating platform. The excavator whose platform sits atop an undercarriage with tracks is called a crawler excavator, while the excavator whose platform sits atop an undercarriage with wheels is known as a wheel excavator. According to different transmission modes, the excavator can be divided into hydraulic excavator and mechanical excavator. Excavators are primarily used as construction equipment or mining equipment.

JAC, a Chinese crawler excavator manufacturer, provides several types of crawler excavators for customers to choose from. Our CVX 16, CVX 35 crawler excavators are equipped with Yanmer engine, which is reliable, powerful and energy efficient. To suit your different requirements, our excavators utilize dozer blade of different size. For example, the dozer blade width, height for our CVX 80 crawler excavator are 2220mm and 400mm respectively, while the dozer blade width, height for our CVX 60 crawler excavator are 2000mm and 380mm respectively. Want to get more information? Please refer to our parameter tables.

Apart from crawler excavators, we also offer forklift trucks, electric pallet trucks, electric stackers, etc. These products are durable, economical and are CE certified. Hence, they are very popular with customers from Australia, India, Russia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and other countries.
If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with global customers.